02/13/2018 01:01 am ET

The NRA Really Wants You To Stop Making Fun Of Trump Now, OK?

Bonkers new spot features an angry dude smashing his TV.

By Ed Mazza

The NRA really doesn’t like it when people don’t show enough respect to President Donald Trump.

A new spot from the gun lobbyists features an angry guy stewing as a TV shows clips of the media criticizing Trump and the National Rifle Association. Some of the clips are of comedy shows, including “Saturday Night Live” and “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.”

Eventually he lowers a set of goggles and destroys the TV set with a sledgehammer in a tantrum as it displays a “Morning Joe” segment.

The angry guy in the video is right-wing radio host Grant Stinchfield, who made headlines last year when he suggested that North Korea drop a nuclear bomb on Sacramento, California.

He later apologized, saying he was only joking about destroying an American city.

The odd new spot is getting a reaction on Twitter… just probably not the one the gun group was aiming for:

Wait, if I smash my TV, how do I watch NRA TV?

— Medium Rick (@e46rick) February 12, 2018

Do the NRA snowflakes need a safe space so big bad words won't hurt their little feelings?

— John Pinto (@TheGreatPinto) February 12, 2018

The mean TV said things I don't like! SMASH!

— Adam (@somethings_awry) February 12, 2018

By all means, give this PERFECTLY SANE individual a gun.

— Matthew Lysiak (@mblysiak) February 12, 2018

Anyone going to tell him that even though he breaks his TV, they still keep broadcasting?

— Paul Rabin (@PaulRabin1) February 12, 2018

Gonna own the libs by [adjusts safety goggles] destroying my own property

— Scott (@firescotch) February 12, 2018

— Pauli (@pauligirll) February 12, 2018

So truth to you is hitting things to make them go away?

— Ben (@dabizomb) February 12, 2018

You guys need to seek help.

— phil (@andeavorable) February 12, 2018

So a branded #NRATV channel with total content control from the @NRA is the real truth over real journalists and media … and apparently I need to smash my TV to get this channel? 🤔 #CantFixStupid

— Travis Cram (@traviscram) February 13, 2018

National sledgehammer organisation? At least be consistant to your message and use a shotgun ffs!

— Paddington Bear (@RoguePaddington) February 13, 2018


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