This Is Us’ Finale Was So Emotional, Twitter Almost Couldn’t Handle It

This Is Us’ Finale Was So Emotional, Twitter Almost Couldn’t Handle It

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 finale of This Is Us. Come back once you’ve caught up!

Well, This Is Us just aired its Season 2 finale, and the whole affair, which included Toby and Kate’s wedding, was so emotional that fans on Twitter almost couldn’t deal with it. The deep, deep feels started very early on, and Twitter made sure everyone knew what those watching were going through:


— Lilly Santiago???????? (@LillyMSantiago) March 14, 2018

I mean, really, how many shows are there like This Is Us, which actually makes fans hope that someone will medicate them during episodes simply so they don’t have to feel so damn much?

Already tearing up. This is gonna be ugly cry episode! @NBCThisisUs.

— Nancy (@DisneyMumof2) March 14, 2018

Apparently, just the anticipation of all the dramatic twists and turns to come were too much for some people:

I'm already crying and I don't know why bc nothing has happened yet but I know IT WILL so I feel like maybe it's a preemptive strike against the certain ugly cry that's gonna happen any second. #ThisIsUsFinale@NBCThisisUs@ThisIsUsWriters

— TraceyinDC (@TraceyTweetsDC) March 14, 2018

But, some folks were able to actually wait for events to transpire before they started bawling:

Jack and Rebecca renewing their vows is everything I wish was real uh my heart hurts????????

— Selena Steele-Clough (@SelenaMSteele) March 14, 2018

Unfortunately, not all of the strong feelings during the hour were elicited by This Is Us‘ finale. There were a lot of people who were none too happy about the amount of commercial interruptions during their weekly cry fest:

#ThisIsUs me @ the commercials

— Alexandra Kayla (@AlexaKaySam) March 14, 2018

To see what folks thought of the second half of the episode, head over to the next page!


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